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Angelnina's Cottage

14 May 1965
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Please visit my main blog Angelnina's Cottage to visit my new baby chicks

I am working on being present/ in the moment/ aware. I live in the Pacific Northwest.
I have many interests, and I will be posting many photos and recipes of the foods I love to cook and bake.

You are welcome to read and comment. Let me know, and then I can add you as well. I enjoy meeting new people.

My interests vary: Waking up and becoming more aware everyday: My family and friends, Home decorating, cooking, baking, singing, reading, tarot reading, thrift shopping, vintage kitchen ware, linens, Italian pottery, Mexican and South American pottery, mountain hikes, Ebay, outdoors, home gardening, movies, travel,and too many more to list.

See my Ebay Auctions here: Angelnina's Cottage


My dining room


Raspberry Coeur la Creme


Blueberry picking/ eating fanatic


ROSES..hard to care for, but I try.


Retro DIner Ware