I know a bitch and her name is sciatica

How much effing longer is this going to go on? Chiropractor rip-offs, acupuncture relief doesn't hold long enough, and doctors want to push pain pills.
I've been hanging upside down like a bat, doing stretches, walking, icing, etc. Nothing is fixing this.
Tomorrow I tell doc I want an MRI or something to make sure this isn't something more serious. A year of back pain and numb leg and foot seems a bit extreme.

Tying the Knot!

My son Sean, is marrying his fiancee December 17th.

Originally a June wedding was planned, but they have decided to opt for a small, more personal wedding.
Reception for friends to follow in a lovely Irish pub in Seattle.

I'm one happy mother.

Livin', Lovin', She's just a woman....


At the age of twenty-five, I can appreciate the fact that a young man does not wish to be greeted by his mother with one eye behind her camera, and the other eye scrunched up--snapping photos of him.  Having said that, Sean is simply a great subject, and now that I am taking a photography class, I need a great subject.

Take tonight for instance--Sean showed up in dress shoes with knee high dress socks, a pair of gray athletic shorts, a multi-colored v-neck vest, and a tan corduroy blazer with elbow pads.  Please!  After questioning his mental health, I wanted to ask him to strike a pose.  I didn't.   I behaved myself.

In other news, my garden potatoes are ready...

I have at least a hundred more to dig up.