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Angelnina's · Cottage

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At the age of twenty-five, I can appreciate the fact that a young man does not wish to be greeted by his mother with one eye behind her camera, and the other eye scrunched up--snapping photos of him.  Having said that, Sean is simply a great subject, and now that I am taking a photography class, I need a great subject.

Take tonight for instance--Sean showed up in dress shoes with knee high dress socks, a pair of gray athletic shorts, a multi-colored v-neck vest, and a tan corduroy blazer with elbow pads.  Please!  After questioning his mental health, I wanted to ask him to strike a pose.  I didn't.   I behaved myself.

In other news, my garden potatoes are ready...

I have at least a hundred more to dig up.


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On August 6th, 2009 09:59 am (UTC), phekkin_nej commented:
I love Sean's style

I try to let my boys be free for the most part when it comes to their clothes, hairstyle, etc
It refreshing to see their view

What kind of potatoes did you plant?
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On August 7th, 2009 06:28 pm (UTC), angelninas replied:
I believe they're russets :) I'm love digging them up and staring at them.

Yes, I think that there are enough issues to raise with our children, so why mess with the things that don't really matter? I wanted Sean to be a free thinker, but sometimes I think he enjoys shocking me ;)
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